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Labour Students has a long and proud history of victories both for our party and the student movement across decades of hard work and campaigning. 

This page is the start of a new project which seeks to document the impact of Labour Students, the success it has brought for Labour and the people who have been vital to its longevity. 

We'll keep you updated with this project as we progress. In the meantime we'd love to hear from you via email on [email protected] if you have any materials, documents or personal accounts that cover any period of Labour Students history.


Chairs of Labour Students

1976-77: Mike Gapes

1977-78: Mike Jackson

1978-79: Nigel Stanley

1979-80: Dave Smith

1980-81: Steve Page

1981-82: John Boothman

1982-83: Geoff Norris

1983-85: John Mann

1985-86: Sarah Boyack

1986-87: Ben Lucas

1987-88: Neil Usher

1988-89: Carol Judge

1989-90: Simon Buckby

1990-91: Paul Richards

1991-92: Alison Ryan

1992-93: Tracey Paul

1993-94: Tom Watson

1994-95: Ian Corfield

1995-97: Lizzie Watson

1997-98: Michael Dugher

1998-99: Patrick Diamond

1999-00: Joe Goldberg

2000-01: Brendan Cox

2001-02: Vicky Foxcroft

2002-03: Ellie Reeves

2003-04: Karim Palant

2004-05: Adam Hug

2005-06: Gareth Smith

2006-07: Ciaran Ward

2007-08: Sarah Mulholland

2008-09: Kenny Young 

2009-10: Joseph Barker-Sherry

2010-11: Dean Carlin

2011-12: Olivia Bailey

2012-13: Emma O'Dwyer

2013-14: Callum Munro

2014-15: Fionnuala McGoldrick

2015-16: Michael Rubin

2016-17: Kate Dearden

2017-18: Melantha Chittenden

2018-19: Joe Dharampal-Hornby

2019-2020: Rania Ramli

2022-24: Ben McGowan

2024-: Ruby Herbert